Savithri Inn Bamboo Cottage is one of the best traditional bamboo resort in Varkala,Kerala. Savithri Inn Bamboo Resort offers you the most pleasant resort stay in Varkala Beach. Established in 2013, Savithri tourist resort has rapidly ended up well known among the travellers (see Tripadvisor).Cottage situated only five minutes’ walk able distance from Black beach, the stretched end of North Cliff,Varkala. Savithri is particularly suitable for those looking for serene and calm surroundings for their vacation - yet at the same time just a couple of minutes' walk away from the shoreline, shops and restaurants.

Resort is constructed completely based on eco-friendly strategies which include bamboo sticks and coconut leaves in a traditional Kerala style. Our twelve cottages are built up in a traditional way by traditional raw materials and its surrounded by fresh air with the ambience of beautiful garden with flowers, banana trees and papa​y​a trees. Resorts interior is filled with fresh air and modern amenities such as hot water, fans and comfortable bed with good linen, Cottages ​​ with air conditioner, also consists of fridge and television. Wifi is available throughout the resorts surroundings and inside the cottage too.​

Children are most welcome to wa​nder around anywhere in the garden while parents can keep an eye on them while relaxing in the garden hammocks. Inside the traditional bamboo cottages you will find all the modern amenities such as hot water, fans, comfortable bed with good linen, fridge and television. Wifi is available throughout the area and inside the cottages.

Besides the beach, yoga and ayurveda there are plenty of things to see in Varkala. Within a ten minute walk from Savithri you will find the 2000 year old Janardhana Swamy Temple or take a rikhsa ​​ for five kilometers to see the famous Sivagiri Ashram. Why are we called Savithri? Savithri is the name of a hymn dedicated to Savithri, a hindu god of sun. After staying in Savithri you will feel like singing a hymn to the sun.

Welcome to Savithri Inn!

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